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Metal vs Wood Laptop Stands: The Verdict Is In!

Metal vs Wood Laptop Stands: The Verdict Is In!

We get a ton of questions about the key differences between wood and metal laptop stands so today, we thought we'd round up our best advice on which laptop stands would best fit your workspace!

We're going to judge both options in several key areas that we think matter most to consumers and then give you our final verdict on which we like better (hint: we made wood laptop stands for a reason!)

Areas we'll address:

  • Aesthetics
  • Stability
  • Quality
  • Functionality


This area you'd think would be the easiest to judge (at least for us, we know exactly where we stand) but the aesthetics of your laptop stand totally depends on your workspace and what you're looking for. Wooden laptop stands tend to look a bit cleaner, more sophisticated, and more unique. Whereas their metal counterparts can often times look boring and rigid.

For those who are looking for an inviting, and welcoming workspace, our Birch Wood Laptop Stand is perfect. It can add a warm touch to an otherwise boring workspace, and that's exactly why we created our laptop stands to look the way they do. Our birch wood laptop stands also feature beautiful curvature and clean lines to add a special touch to your workspace.

However, if a more industrial look is what you're hoping to achieve with your workspace, having a metal laptop stand can be the right fit for you. Metal stands often have a simpler design and can come in a variety of cool tones.


Between the two, wooden laptop stands definitely take the cake. Because of the make and quality of the wooden laptop stands, they often tend to be stronger, more stable, and stiffer than your average metal stand. Metal stands also often consist of several pieces that are held together by screws that can loosen over time.

By far, wooden stands can often be more reliable and durable than metal stands. This also means in the sustainability factor, wooden stands are a better bang for your buck (and the planet) as they last longer and have less risk of being replaced.

Overall, wooden laptop stands definitely win this category.


Another area where wooden stands show their strength. Wooden stands are typically meticulously crafted through great design, great materials, and great craftsmanship. When judging quality, you should look at durability (which we covered in the last section) and how the item was made. All of our Birch products are created under quality-controlled environments and within small batches to ensure the product stays in tip-top shape. Metal stands are often mass-produced and has more margin of error within the build.


Wooden and metal stands both share many similar functionalities for the most part. Depending on what metal stand you get, you will likely cover most bases such as ventilation and ergonomics. Where the wooden laptops stands also shine is the ability to create some organization within your workspace.

Our stands are created with an additional slot on the back panel to help with cable management. The design also allows for storage underneath which looks mostly hidden when a laptop is sitting on top. This creates the opportunity to put some items out of plain sight when you're not using them.

Our Verdict

Our decision for this review should be clear: although metal stands do provide some benefits such as simple design, industrial look, some stability, and some different features than wooden stands, we as a team collectively agree that wooden stands take the cake in most factors. What's your two cents? Do you have a preference between the two?

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