Enkel Studio

Ergonomic Birch Wood Laptop Stand (Preorder)


This item is currently on Preorder and the expected shipping date is July 1 

Quantities limited.

Designed to help both your productivity and your posture, the Birch Wood Laptop Stand features an S-shaped platform that allows for better ergonomics while holding your laptop safely and securely.


Great for those who are working from home or just looking to upgrade your office space or workspace.  

  • Solid birch wood laptop stand, coated with natural oils.
  • Lightweight and minimalist design. Cleans up the workspace perfectly.
  • Ergonomic design to reduce eye and neck strains.
  • Vertical cutouts to allow for better ventilation for your device, help increase performance and overall battery life.
  • Fits most laptops such as Macbook or Dell XPS

*Laptop in the picture is the 15-inch Macbook Pro