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Get Reimbursed for Your Enkel Purchases! (A Guide To Remote Work Stipends)

Get Reimbursed for Your Enkel Purchases! (A Guide To Remote Work Stipends)

Remote working is now the norm, and companies are learning to adapt to this new change. In order to provide the best WFH experience for employees, companies are now utilizing remote work stipends—an allowance or reimbursement for workspace tools and products. 

By using this type of compensation, employers are able to offer more perks with less money. This ensures that they keep their staff happy while also being able to offset purchases with their tax benefits. 

What exactly is a remote work stipend?

remote work stipend, or remote work allowance, is a sum of money given to employees for them to use to access perks while working remotely.

A remote work stipend can be used in one or both ways:

  1. To purchase home office equipment, a coworking pass, coffee, and anything else that makes their remote work locations comfortable, productive, or successful. It can be a one-time equipment stipend or an ongoing stipend for home office expenses.
  2. To purchase general perks that an on-site team has access to, but a remote employee does not, such as food, health and wellnesslearning and development perks, etc.

How to ask for a remote work stipend

Wondering what's the best way to ask for a remote work stipend so you can get reimbursed for your Enkel purchases? Here are some points to bring up with your manager or HR team.

Make the case for productivity

No manager wants to see a negative impact on morale or productivity just because their staff works from home. This means that by bringing up productivity, most companies will be open to your request. Make a strong case for how the products can help to improve your quality of work. An example would be that having ergonomic desk products can provide physical benefits when you're sitting at a desk for long hours. 

Make a suggestion but be open to creative solutions

By explaining the financial benefits of providing work stipends, it may already be reason enough for your employer to offer the benefit. However, different businesses have different ways they prefer to utilize their tax benefits and deductions. Be open to creative solutions and work with your HR or Finance team to think of the best option for your team. 

This could be providing a one-time stipend yearly, or having the company purchase and ship the goods themselves. 

Save your receipts!

To make the lives of your HR / Finance team easier, make sure you save your receipts. Having the receipt to your previous purchases will allow them to report your purchase as a tax deductible expense.

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